BioActor is a life sciences company that aims to answer the market’s needs for innovative, safe and reliable health ingredients addressing chronic health concerns (i.e. cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis) and promoting general wellbeing.

Thanks to collaborations with renowned research institutes, and an experienced in-house clinical research team, BioActor has been able to launch a range of high quality and clinically-evaluated nutritional ingredients for use in functional foods, medical nutrition, dietary supplements and sports nutrition.

These ingredients, inspired by nature, are now used in finished products all around the world:

  • BONOLIVE®​: A patented olive polyphenol extract that has been clinically proven to strengthen bone metabolism by stimulating bone-building cells. BONOLIVE®​ benefits from a health claim from HealthCanada.
  • CORDIART®​: A Rutinoside extract from citrus fruit that has been clinically evaluated and provides a triple protection of arteries by (i) improving arterial flexibility; (ii) reducing plaques formation; and (iii) lowering arterial inflammation.
  • WATTS'UP®​ ​– marketed by INVICTA SNS, sports division of BioActor​:  An all-natural citrus fruit extract evaluated in a double blind study in athletes and sportive people. It has been shown that WATTS’UP®​ improves peak force output and total power during workout by increasing mitochondrial efficiency.

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