The magic of making a perfect vegan softgel

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The magic of making a perfect vegan softgel

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Looking for ways to prevent health problems or optimize their well-being, consumers have their own personal preferences in choosing between product formats, ingredients, health and label claims. Softgel capsules are a popular format for delivering many health & dietary ingredients. Consumers are actively seeking optimized solutions that are sustainable and 100% plant-based, made with naturally sourced raw materials. And softgels are no exception here. In addition, the purchasing behaviors are also largely driven by quality, trust and price. Finding the right softgel solution here can be a challenge for formulators catering to the new age consumers. Brand owners & manufacturers need to fully understand the pros and cons of different approaches and weigh them in their softgel strategy. Join this webinar to discuss common softgel technologies and learn how to overcome the typical challenges of complex fill formulations. Our experts will share their know-how in efficient softgel production.

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Michael Baumann Michael Baumann Global Strategic Marketing Manager, Dietary Supplements
IFF Pharma Solutions

Benjamin Roscoe Benjamin Roscoe Application Development & Innovation Manager
IFF Pharma Solutions

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