Spotlight on... Ashwagandha: The Superstar Ingredient

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Spotlight on... Ashwagandha: The Superstar Ingredient

Ten years ago ashwagandha was a tongue-twister word that few understood. Today ashwagandha root and its extracts are in the top five most popular botanicals. Meteoric growth of ashwagandha has been driven by the large body of clinical science generated by KSM-66 ashwagandha root extract and by strong promotion throughout the natural products industry.
In this Spotlight On broadcast, we'll explore ashwagandha, its benefits for health and what makes KSM-66 ‘The World's Best Ashwagandha’.


Chris Kilham Chris Kilham Medicine Hunter, Sustainability and Sourcing for Botanicals
Medicine Hunter

Dr. Ralf Jäger Dr. Ralf Jäger, Ph.D, FISSN, CISSN, MBA Co-Founder & Managing Member

Max Willis, MIM Max Willis, MIM Chief Innovation and Science Officer
Better Being Co.

Jennie Milsom Jennie Milsom Commercial Editor and Host

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