Shifting the paradigm with psychobiotics for sleep

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Shifting the paradigm with psychobiotics for sleep

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1 billion people struggle with sleep, impacting 72% of them severely, reports Euromonitor. In a world prioritizing “mental wellness” and “having a healthy immune system”, “quality sleep” ranks 3rd as global health concern.
Consumers want natural solutions without side effects and the psychobiotic era may shift the paradigm now for quality sleep. Join our panel of experts, to learn more about the science of sleep with our special guest from the Sleep Institute and the latest clinical evidence of the unique psychobiotic strain : B Longum 1714

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Laura Laura Kanadel Founder and Sleep Counsellor
The Sleep Institute

Allison Chandler Allison Chandler Head of Brand and B2B Marketing - North America
Novozymes OneHealth

Geraldine Blanc Geraldine Blanc Strategy and Innovation Lead Brain Health
Novozymes OneHealth

Kimmo Makinen Kimmo Makinen Product Innovation Director
Novozymes OneHealth

Véronique Rufin-Soumine Véronique Rufin-Soumine Global Marketing & Customer Engagement Manager - Brain health
Novozymes OneHealth

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