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SOD B® - A concentrate of youth

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SOD B® - A concentrate of youth

SOD B® - A concentrate of youth

Contrary to common perception, our body produces its own antioxidants called primary antioxidants ​(SOD​, CAT, GPx)​ acting at the source of the oxidative stress reaction. As we age, we produce less primary antioxidants, reducing our defense against oxidative stress. SOD B®​ helps you to bring this defense back.

Discover the unique story behind SOD B®​ and learn about our advanced science and clinical studies.

SOD B®​ covers a wide variety of health concerns related to oxidative stress with:

  • SOD B Extramel®​ for Well-Being
  • SOD B Dimpless®​ for Skin Beauty
  • SOD B Primo-Antioxidant®​ for Anti-Aging

Please download our Technical Paper.

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