Nurture her nature with premium probiotics for mature women

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Nurture her nature with premium probiotics for mature women

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We are happy to invite you to our first of three women’s health webinars. During these webinars we will dive into different stages of a woman’s life, explore relevant health challenges and our proposed solutions. In this first webinar you will learn how our unique combination of probiotics and HMOs can support and nurture the nature of mature women.  

Menopause represents a period of transition. As mature women go through this change of life, estrogen production decreases and the abundance of essential bacteria declines. 

When the microbiome’s natural balance is disturbed during menopause, most women experience a wide range of health challenges, such as gastrointestinal disorders, vaginal discomfort, urinary tract infections, and a compromised immune system. All these challenges can be frustrating and affect quality of life and wellbeing.  

Join this first webinar and learn how our unique synbiotic combination can support women through menopause and beyond. 

We will introduce you to the effects that menopause can have on gastrointestinal, immune and vaginal health, and spotlight the strong scientific evidence on Chr. Hansen’s synbiotic combination.  

Together, let us enable every mature woman to nurture her nature! 

Also remember to keep an eye out for our next two women’s health webinars where we will dive into ‘pregnancy and motherhood’ as well as ‘early womanhood’. 

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Jutta Zonderland , PhD Jutta Zonderland , PhD Scientific Advisor
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