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Immunum™ Chewables: The Next Generation of Immunity Support

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Immunum™ Chewables: The Next Generation of Immunity Support

A one-two punch product for Immune Health:

  1. The innate immune system is activated by a proprietary source 1, 3 Beta-Glucan. It is the purest on the market and in-licensed exclusively to Valensa.
  2. The adaptive immune system is primed by an algae-derived lipopolysaccharide natural antigen. Valensa has worldwide exclusive rights for this patented immune-stimulant.


Includes Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin


Clinical trial in process:

Valensa aims to be the very first company to offer multi-ingredient, clinically trialed immuno-stimulant formulations that will outperform the current products on the market. 

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