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FenuSMART® - Nature’s choice for women health

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FenuSMART® - Nature’s choice for women health

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Recent clinical studies demonstrated the potential effects of a patented full-spectrum extract of fenugreek (FenuSMART®​) in establishing the hormonal balance among POST/PERI menopausal & HEALTHY women.

FenuSMART®​ is supported by 2 USA patents, 4 clinical studies and a set of safety studies with peer-reviewed publications in academic journals of high impact factor. It is produced with a well-defined traceability and sustainability program of selected varieties of fenugreek and precise harvest operations at a definite stage of maturation to lock the phytonutrient profile.  To learn more about the benefits of FENUSMART on POST/PERI/HEALTHY women and its mode of action on hormonal balance, please contact.

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