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EXPERT’Biotics for babies

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EXPERT’Biotics for babies

Lallemand Health Solutions (LHS) has a large portfolio of EXPERT’Biotics solutions, including Lacidofil®​, Probiokid®​, Lafti B94®​, S. boulardii​, L. rhamnosus​ GG, and L. reuteri​ Rosell®​-444 strains, with clinical evidences to prove their safety and efficacy, especially for babies and children. LHS has completed two new safety studies in healthy infants, aged less than one-year old, additionally to over 30 studies performed in infants and young children, showing these particular probiotic supplements support gut health and natural defenses and provide health benefits such as baby-specific microflora balance, maintenance of standard IgA levels and increased stool frequency in formula-fed babies. Four of LHS strains have the GRAS status. It is therefore possible to add them as a direct probiotic in infant formula. This is also a recognition that LHS strains have been manufactured according to the highest standards to produce probiotic solutions dedicated to babies. Formulas are available in various convenient delivery forms suitable for babies and children.

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