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Bacillus Coagulans SNZ 1969; Efficacy & Stability

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Bacillus Coagulans SNZ 1969; Efficacy & Stability

SNZ 1969 has been shown to help reduce occasional gut discomfort, promote regularity, reduce occasional diarrhea, reduce occasional heartburn, and promote a healthy balance of good bacteria, with additional studies ongoing. SNZ 1969 has clinical support for oral health (reduces cavity causing bacteria). SNZ 1969 has FDA and Infant GRAS, over 40 years of safe use (sold under the brand “Sporlac” in India) and full strain traceability and transparency. We offer unsurpassed technical support, and create custom formulations to meet your targeted benefits to differentiate your products in the market. Sanzyme produces SNZ 1969 in their NSF certified facility, and has the largest BC capacity in the world.

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