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Ashwagandha and Brain Health

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Ashwagandha and Brain Health

Dietary supplement support for brain health is a rapidly growing field that encompasses addressing neural development, plasticity, functioning, and recovery. According to data from SPINS, on the 52 weeks ending November 29, 2020, brain health was among the top 10 best-selling ingredient categories in the mainstream U.S. dietary supplement market. SPINS data indicate 68.6% growth in mainstream brain health ingredient sales for that period compared to the previous year. Ashwagandha is the most recognized natural nootropic or natural herb – medharasayana – known to promote cognition, improves intellectual abilities and enhances the memory and lifespan of individuals. In this paper, we summarize the key findings of KSM-66 in human clinical studies showing value for enhancing memory and cognition in healthy adults and aging population. Ashwagandha promotes memory and cognition in two ways: by impacting cognitive function directly, and by lowering stress, and improving sleep and mental alertness.

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