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L-ergothioneine sets new benchmarks for antioxidant protection, cell health, mitochondrial function, energy output, and anti-aging benefits
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L-ergothioneine sets new benchmarks for antioxidant protection, cell health, mitochondrial function, energy output, and anti-aging benefits

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Independent studies establish ergothioneine’s health and longevity benefits and optimal dosing.

In a cascade of human cell data stemming from four new independent studies with NNB Ergothioneine, a team of researchers was finally able establish the bona fide benefits of l-ergothioneine in the living cells of humans. But most importantly, the dosing levels necessary to attain those health and longevity benefits were conclusively determined.

In a supplement industry where unsubstantiated claims and marketing hype are loudly broadcast, one human cell trial now quietly speaks the truth about the real life benefits of l-ergothioneine… the amino acid found in the highest concentrations in mushrooms and now deservedly known as the ‘Longevity Vitamin.’ The results show the scientifically quantifiable effects of l-ergothioneine on key indicators of healthspan and lifespan: antioxidant protection, body global cell health, anti-inflammatory action, and mitochondrial function.


Antioxidant protection:

Your doctor’s advice is well delineated... “Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.” Why? It’s the polyphenols found inside them. Polyphenols are one of nature’s antioxidant agents. But just how effective polyphenols are - and how long they actually remain in the body - should be the real points of comparison. See what the trial demonstrated: 


NNB l-ergothioneine


Antioxidant Capacity (GAE Units)


32 - 48

Half Life (Pharmacokenetics)

768.00 hours

2.68 hours

Results Statistically Significant (p<0.05)

GAE stands for Gallic Acid Equivalents. In clinical settings, as with the MitoPrime trials, GAE is used in place of ORAC rating because ORAC only indicates what the “potential” of a compound is, whereas GAE measures the “actual amount” of a compound that permeates the lipid cell membrane and enters the cell. This study demonstrates the NNB l-ergothioneine’s extremely high cellular bioavailability and convincingly long time of effectiveness. In fact, this l-ergothioneine has the longest half life of all known oral antioxidants. All of these results are new benchmarks for ergothioneine.

Mitochondrial function: MitoPrime shown to increase energy output

Mitochondria supply the energy that you and your cells   need to   function properly and vigorously. Decline in mitochondrial function correlates to a number of unwanted health conditions, loss of functional energy and, according to the “Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging,” causes premature aging.

Oxidative stress is known to induce mitochondrial DNA mutations, damage the mitochondrial respiratory chain, and weaken the mitochondrial defense systems. These effects all lead to decreased functionality and reduced energy output. 

That’s why, beginning two decades ago, researchers started actively seeking strategies to mitigate mitochondrial damage. Then, in March of 2015, two scientists published a review called “Molecular Strategies for Targeting Antioxidants to Mitochondria: Therapeutic Implications” To quote the publication: “As a pharmaceutical agent, the mitochondria-targeted scavenger or redox-active molecule should be bioavailable, ideally on oral administration. After its absorption in plasma, it should be delivered to target tissues and readily enter the cell. It must accumulate inside mitochondria, where it can ameliorate oxidative and nitrosative stress.” The authors added: “Although natural antioxidants generally have a good safety profile, their use is limited because of their incapacity to penetrate mitochondria. The exception, however, is Ergothioneine (EGT)” But it would take another 6 years, and four independent human cell trials with NNB eErgothioneine to quantify the actual benefits. Now, the results are in.


Notice, in the chart, how MitoPrime not only increased mitochondrial metabolic activity under normal conditions, but actually boosted activity even further in conditions of extreme oxidative stress…thus establishing new benchmarks. This paradoxical “Inverse Reaction” may be the prime factor in l-ergothioneine’s ability to increase both healthspan and lifespan. And why Dr. Bruce Ames calls L-Ergothioneine the “Longevity Vitamin.”

Cell health, viability, and integrity: MitoPrime increased cell integrity

Molecular biologists who work with cell function like to say “You are the sum of your cells.”

It only stands to reason, since after all, cells make up tissues. Tissues make up organs. Organs make up you. What’s true for your cells is true for you. When all is said and done, the ultimate goal in human physiology is to create and maintain healthy, fully-functioning cells. Today, we have the technology to actually measure the percentage of healthy cells in the human body. 

The term for the calculation is Cell Viability. It may sound like this refers to an individual cell, but it’s actually the ratio of the amount of healthy cells to total cells. For example, a Cell Viability reading of 82% would mean 82 out of every 100 cells were healthy, while 18 cells would be dead, dying, or dysfunctional. Given the fact that you have about 37 trillion cells in your body, even a 1% increase would be significant. Existing in-vitro studies show ergothioneine can increase cell viability by 45%. But it’s the mechanism that’s scientifically relevant. It all has to do with the condition of cell membrane walls, referred to as the measure of Cellular Integrity. Denser walls give greater protection which, in turn, leads to greater viability. Prior to the NNB human cell studies, the prevailing thought was that an increase of even 4% to 8% in density would be physiologically significant. Now, MitoPrime has set a new benchmark for maximum density increase (MDI), achieving percentages as high as 32%.

Optimal dosing: MitoPrime establishes optimal dosing standard for ergothioneine

One of the challenges in bringing a new ingredient to market is identifying optimal dosing. This requires multiple trials that test tens, sometimes hundreds, of different gram variants. Each variant is then assessed for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties, with cellular evaluations reaching down to micro and nanomolar concentrations. This is true for all pharmaceuticals, and any dietary ingredient companies willing to invest substantial time and money. Although this may exclude many small and mid-sized companies, the security it gives to consumers is invaluable.

That’s why NNB’s U.S. Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Joe Evans began running trials back in early 2019. Today, this daunting undertaking has produced the exacting scientific data that consumers look for. Now, for the first time, NNB Nutrition has established bona fide optimal dosing for Ergothioneine.

Optimal daily doses of ergothioneine now established for:

1. ​antioxidant and cell health

2.  ​immune benefits

3.  ​mitochondrial function

4.  ​anti-aging benefits

Optimal dose, the easier way

While it’s true that ​ergothioneine is found in its highest concentrations in mushrooms, you would have to eat anywhere between 12 and 1,672 of those mushrooms (depending on type) every day to get the amount needed for the full benefits.

NNB files for patent on DNA repair/longevity: a leap in lifespan

The largest study ever conducted on aging (“The Hallmarks of Aging”) recently concluded that “Genomic Stability Is the #1 Predictor of Longevity.” What is genomic stability? In simple terms, it’s having healthy, fully-functioning, and structurally sound DNA. For a dietary ingredient, it means having the ability to both protect and repair DNA.

Following initial testing with MitoPrime and its effects on DNA, NNB has filed a patent on MitoPrime and “Upregulation of DNA Repair Pathways.” This decision was taken after a nine-member panel of molecular biologists and geneticists determined the data fully supported the filing. The move was endorsed by a host of NNB research scientists currently operating in 10 countries worldwide.

“We believe that MitoPrime will be the first proven and patented ingredient in a burgeoning category known as Nutrigenetics, said Dr. Evans“ Whereas as Nutrigenomics is eating “in harmony” with your genetic makeup, Nutrigenetics is consuming ingredients/compounds that keep your DNA strong and healthy, and ultimatelyultimate results in genomic stability and a long healthy life. 

MitoPrime as stand-alone or low dose additive: low dose versatility

MitoPrime has garnered GRAS status and EFSA approval, as well as FDA non-objection. At the optimal dosing, MitoPrime can be used as a stand-alone ingredient, or as a low dose additive to existing products in categories such as: vitamin and minerals, antioxidants, cell health formulas, energy, general health, heart health, brain function, and others.

MitoPrime Usage and Claims


Clinically-validated ingredient

No side effects

Safe per GRAS

Safe per EFSA


100% natural

Non-Objection FDA 

Longevity / Genomic Stability

Supports and protects nuclear DNA

Supports and protects mitochondrial DNA

Protects mitochondria

Promotes mitochondrial function and efficiency

Protects the genome from oxidative stress

Helps prevent telomere shortening


Improves biomarkers of aging

Supports healthy aging

Promotes longevity

Antioxidant / Cell Health

Scavenges radicals better than glutathione and vitamin C

Increases cell viability 45%

Helps maintain redox balance

Promotes whole body cell health

Counteracts body global oxidative stress

Longest lasting antioxidant known


Supports healthy cytokine levels

Suppresses the activation of NF-kB, a major regulator of the inflammation response

Promotes healthy inflammatory response 

Health / Energy

Supports a healthy energy level

Supports liver function and liver health

Supports whole-body detoxification

Supports cognitive health 

A Word About NNB Biotech and Its Global Research Labs

NNB is a global company of motivated thinkers, creators, developers, and innovators. They employ over 100 scientists from more than 10 countries who study, design, and deliver unique ingredients to our industry: to maximize health, augment performance, expand longevity, and enhance appearance. NNB fosters close partnerships with customers in the fields of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and medical research. The shared goal is to improve the lives of people throughout the world. One ingredient at a time.

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