Supplements, Skincare, and the Science Around It

Supplements, Skincare, and the Science Around It

The science to substantiate products in the beauty from within or anti-aging category​ continues to develop, led by collagen, but seeing is believing and products need to deliver the visible benefits​ many consumers expect.
But what other ingredients are emerging​ and what does the cutting-edge science say about their actions? How do today’s R&D formulators and product innovators sift through the noise and select ingredients with the most substantial research​ in skincare—and more importantly, communicate it effectively to consumers? And how are marketers segmenting the broad term ‘beauty’ to go beyond just ‘hair, skin, and nails?’
In this webinar we’ll pull back the skin on the market landscape of beauty-positioned supplements​ in the US.


Taryn Forrelli Taryn Forrelli VP of Product

Sarah Greenfield Sarah Greenfield Director of Education
HUM Nutrition

Dawna Venzon Dawna Venzon Principal Research Scientist
Amway Nutrilite

David Tyrrell David Tyrrell Global Skincare Analyst

Simon Pitman Simon Pitman Senior Editor
CosmeticsDesign Group

Adi Menayang Adi Menayang Correspondent
NutraIngredients-USA & FoodNavigator-USA

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