Postbiotics: new tools for microbiome modulation

Postbiotics: new tools for microbiome modulation

Postbiotics are slowly establishing themselves as a strong weapon in the arsenal for modulating the microbiome. While there isn’t total agreement about the ISAPP definition, there is wholesale excitement about what the science is showing for postbiotics, and how these ingredients may offer more formulation opportunities than the sensitive probiotics.
For this webinar, NutraIngredients-USA will convene a crack team of experts to explore all aspects of the emerging postbiotics category and provide actionable insights and highlight key opportunities for the next decade.


Ewa Hudson Ewa Hudson Director of Insights
Lumina Intelligence

Aubrey Levitt Aubrey Levitt Co-Founder

Hariom Yadav, PhD. Hariom Yadav, PhD CSO of Postbiotics Inc
University of South Florida

Sandra Saville, RD Sandra Saville, RD Director of Education and Communication
International Probiotics Association (IPA)

Jessica ter Haar, PhD Jessica ter Haar, PhD Scientific Director
International Probiotics Association (IPA)

Stephen Daniells, PhD Stephen Daniells, PhD Editor in Chief