Personalized Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

The future is personal, but the revolution is already taking place around us. Innovative science is combining with entrepreneurial endeavor to bring personalized nutrition to our fingertips.

Personalized nutrition is breaking down the silos and bringing together experts in genetics and genomic profiling, microbiology, nutrition and diet, mobile technology, big data, healthcare and more.

The Personalized Nutrition webinar will bring together pioneers and world leading experts, scientists, and the emerging brands to explore the market, the current limitations and challenges, and figure out where it’s all going.


Diana Morgan Diana Morgan Head of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

Nathan D. Price, PhD Nathan D. Price, PhD Professor & Associate Director
Institute for Systems Biology

Rony Sellam Rony Sellam CEO
Segterra (InsideTracker)

Hank Schultz Hank Schultz Deputy Editor