Immunity and Sports Performance & Recovery

Immunity and Sports Performance & Recovery

Sports nutrition products were one of the few dietary supplement categories that reported sales declines in 2020 as gyms closed and consumers changed how they exercised. However, some sports nutrition brands moved quickly to launch or re-vamp products to support immunity, formulated with tried and tested ingredients, including Vitamins C and D, beta-glucans, zinc, probiotics, omega-3s, and echinacea… In this session we’ll explore the link between exercise and immune health and explore the potential white spaces in this crowded segment.


Dr. David C. Nieman Dr. David C. Nieman Professor, Department of Biology and Director, Human Performance Lab
Appalachian State University & North Carolina Research Campus

Michael T. Murray, N.D. Michael T. Murray, N.D. Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Ralf Jäger Dr. Ralf Jäger, Ph.D, FISSN, CISSN, MBA Co-Founder & Managing Member

Jörg Büttinghaus Jörg Büttinghaus Vice President of Sales
Kappa BioScience

Hank Schultz Hank Schultz Deputy Editor