NutraCast:Tracking CBD experiences in real-time with Releaf App

By Danielle Masterson

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NutraCast:Tracking CBD experiences in real-time with Releaf App

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More and more companies are using apps to gain insights on their respective industries. With the right data inputs, technology can improve decision making and help company leaders zero in on trends. The Releaf App is one such application that individuals use to track and improve their cannabis or CBD experience while industry professionals simultaneously see these insights to help them improve the consumer experience.

“We're looking to really close that seed-to-outcome feedback loop as we call it. There's a lot of software out there right now that is really focused on the seed-to-sale aspect and then there's a lot of marketing data and analytic companies that are really focused on what that sales and marketing data looks like from purchasing perspective --but there's really not any focus on what actually happens when these products leave the store. Why are people using them? Relatively how much are people using? And what are the real-world experiences that they're actually experiencing? And that's really where we come in, again closing that seed-to-outcome feedback loop so that we try to help individuals make more informed purchasing decisions,”​ explained Tyler Dautrich, COO at Releaf App.

“We're really able to streamline that process where we can allow brands to have a unique way to engage with customers after they have purchased a product, stay engaged with those customers for an extended period of time, putting them through their own branded experience. While at the same time, they're pulling out real world data on the use and experience of their products. So, now, they're going to continue to build a large data set on use experience and performance of their particular products based on very specific reasons that their customers are using them for, which, that right there could put them in a position for unique kind of retrospective or observational studies, depending on the network or the bandwidth that they have.”

Dautrich said that by working with brands of all sizes, whether it’s large international brands or smaller family-owned businesses, the company is leveling the playing field for brands, specifically those in the CBD market.

Releaf App is also a convenient option for universities who have restrictions on who they can engage with.

“It's been difficult for universities or academia to be hands-on with any type of industry operator. So we really be are able to be that middleman per se where the university doesn't have to be hands-on with the industry players whatsoever, and all they need to do is work with us, a technology and data company to structure a study based on what the IRB protocol calls for and then wait for the study to be over. And we are able to provide de-identified data based on the scope of this study for them to do their study analysis, and ideally submit for a publication. So, we are really able to remove that risk barrier of them needing to physically engage with a product or just the industry in general,”​ explained Dautrich. 

To learn more about Releaf App and some of their research projects, listen to the NutraCast.

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