Collagen expansion: NZ’s supplement firm Adashiko on RTD innovation, trials and skincare plans

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Collagen Ultra is Adashiko's best-selling supplement, claiming to boost natural collagen production, and create firmer and hydrated skin, through the action of peptide collagen. ©Adashiko
Collagen Ultra is Adashiko's best-selling supplement, claiming to boost natural collagen production, and create firmer and hydrated skin, through the action of peptide collagen. ©Adashiko

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New Zealand supplement firm Adashiko is planning to launch a ready to drink collagen product this October, as it seeks to tap the rising demand for beauty-from-within products.

Touted for its skin hydrating benefits, the product called Collagen Hydrate contains 100% pure peptide collagen powder obtained from porcine, and water sourced locally from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

It will be available at supermarkets nationwide. The pure peptide collagen used in the RTD water is the same ingredient found in its powdered supplements (Collagen Pure, Collagen Joint, Collagen Ultra).

Powdered supplements

Kelly Dobson, creative lead at Adashiko, said the demand for collagen supplements was growing in New Zealand, as people seek products that not only made them feel healthy, but also looked great.

Since launching in New Zealand five years ago, sales have grown 150% year-on-year for Adashiko.

Currently, Collagen Ultra is its best-selling supplement, claiming to boost natural collagen production, and create firmer and hydrated skin, through the action of peptide collagen.

A double-blind clinical study published in Nutrients​ by Liane Bolke et al​, found that ingestion of collagen peptides for 12 weeks helped increase skin hydration by 28% and skin density by 24%. In addition, four weeks after the trial concluded, the subjects sustained their skin hydration levels, improved skin elasticity, and reduce skin roughness and wrinkles, all without any consumption of collagen peptides.

Adashiko is now looking to conduct human clinical trials on its collagen supplements within the next two years, as it cites growing research in collagen and its benefits.

Besides improving skin health, Collagen Ultra claims to provide antioxidant and anti-ageing support with the help of other ingredients including hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, elastin, and vitamin C.

It was interesting to note that Adashiko’s collagen powder supplements can be added into hot foods and drinks. Collagen is a protein, and when exposed to heat, denatures and changes its structure.

Dobson explained that its collagen was hydrolysed during the manufacturing process, which breaks it into more easily dissolvable amino acids and thus more heat stable. The hydrolysed collagen is also known as collagen peptide.

Adashiko’s collagen peptide is derived from porcine (pig bone and skin). With many companies moving to marine collagen for health and sustainability reasons, Dobson explained that porcine was the closest to human collagen, therefore more readily utilized.

Its peptide collagen has a molecular weight of 3000 Daltons and can be absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to cells in the body, where it sends a signal that stimulates fibroblast and cartilage cells to promote the formation of new collagen.

According to Dobson, other marine collagen can have a molecular weight of up to 450,000 Daltons which only gets secreted out of the body.

In addition, Dobson said marine collagen may not be as sustainable as thought, “the amount of fish skin in order to extract collagen is actually a lot​.”

She pointed out that the porcine collagen used in its supplements were a by-product of the meat industry, which would otherwise be discarded.

Recently, the company also rolled out new environmentally friendly packaging.

It replaced the original plastic collagen powder tubs to a food grade paper pulp sans that is biodegradable. The lid is made from stainless steel to protect the contents, which can also be recycled.


Currently, its supplements are sold in more than 120 stores across New Zealand, including pharmacies, health stores, beauty salons, and spas. Its e-commerce site also caters to international consumers.

Adashiko’s ingredients are imported from Japan, but manufactured and packaged in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Dobson told us the firm had been looking to expand into Asia, Australia, US, and UK, however the COVID-19 pandemic placed its plans on hold since March.

Besides supplements, the firm launched a new collagen serum as part of its skincare line this month, with two more products expected to roll out this year.

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