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© Getty Images / mrhighsky
It’s a global supply chain and a global industry, but it’s not always easy keeping up with everything that’s happening around the world that could impact the US dietary supplements industry. The answer? Our new weekly round-up of key news from across the globe.

1. DSM calls for ‘adequate nutrition' in the elderly

Speaking with our European edition, Peter van Dael, senior vice president for Nutrition Science and Advocacy at DSM, said that, when it comes to aging populations, delivering adequate nutrition is far more important than focusing on added benefits.

The number of people aged 60 years or over is expected to more than double to 2.1 billion by 2050, according to the latest UN World Population Prospects report. And this population faces a number of age-related challenges, including cardiovascular disease (the leading cause of death worldwide); mobility issues from muscle and bone loss; cognitive decline; and diabetes, among others.

And van Dael said it's very often malnutrition that creates the window to develop such non-communicable diseases and health problems.

“If you ask me, we should indeed focus more on the positive role of adequate nutrition that can then play a role in well-being; in your healthy life; and in reducing the risk or prevention of some later-life healthy ageing disorder. I think we really should not forget the value of adequate nutrition, per se.”

Unfortunately, he said industry and research tends to focus too heavily on added benefits when the importance lies in essential nutrition to support good functioning – especially important in the elderly.

“...This is where I see research today is facing, quite often, a challenge. We say we need more data to prove benefits and I think we don't put enough efforts on communicating that nutrition has a key, essential role that is defined as a requirement.”

For more from van Dael, please click HERE​.

2. Burnley FC partners with Fitlion for personalized nutrition

Soccer data © Getty Images Who_I_am
© Getty Images / Who_I_am

Personalized nutrition is gaining a lot of potential, and for elite athletes the potential to find those extra little benefits can be very appealing. It’s this approach that has led Singapore-based e-commerce portal Fitlion to become the official nutrition partner of English Premier League club Burnley FC.

The deal that will focus heavily on a personalized approach for each player, and will lead to each player receiving personalized sports nutrition and health supplements, and personalized nutrition services as added health and fitness support.

"This partnership brings us to a whole new level — it's not just about supplying them with products, but also making sure that these products are personalized to each player's needs,” ​marketing director Lynda Lee told our Asia edition.

The company’s BioG delivery system to boost bioavailability and efficacy, she said. BioG micro-tabs are produced in Germany using patented technology, and are customizable, allowing users to include five to eight ingredients most suited to their individual needs, and in suitable amounts to minimize stress on the liver and kidneys, according to the company.

For more on this story, please click HERE​.

3. Cashing in on customer reviews

Data from Lumina Intelligence​ indicates that sports nutrition manufacturers must reformulate, not over-populate, as products are missing the mark.

Speaking at our European edition’s Sports Nutrition Congress, Tom Morgan, market analyst for Lumina Intelligence, explained that the glut of plant-based products on the market means that a plant protein is no longer a differentiating factor on its own.

He said products are missing the mark and suggested that offering differentiating health benefits as well as whey-alternative ingredients would be one way to better meet shoppers’ desires.

He said: “It’s time for companies with products already to reformulate and to improve their products. They need to find what resonates with consumers, and find differentiating factors.”

To read more from Tom, please click HERE​.


Tom Morgan will present more data on how companies can cash in on customer reviews at the upcoming NutraIngredients-USA Sports Nutrition Summit​, January 23-24 in San Diego.

For more information and to register, please click HERE​.

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