MEET THE WINNERS: Startup, Research and Personalized Nutrition companies of the year

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MEET THE WINNERS: Startup, Research and Personalized Nutrition companies of the year
NutraIngredients-USA selected winners in the fields of Best Research, Startup of the Year and Personalized Nutrition company of the year. Here’s a look at this year’s winners.

Startup of the year

In the Startup of the Year category, the winner was Prenexus Health​, based in Scottsdale, AZ. Prenexus markets a prebiotic ingredient branded as AmpliVida XOS Prebiotic.  It derived from a propriety strain of high fiber sugar cane via a process that the company said complies with a clean label positioning. 

The company has received a substantial investment from DSM.

startup winner_01

"Prenexus Health is honored to win the award for best startup. Our focus is to deliver a proprietary, science-based prebiotic, establish thought leadership in the prebiotics category and create exceptional industry partnerships. The combination of these three reasons have allowed us to stand apart and create a prebiotic that will have meaningful benefits for both the industry and consumers,” said Tim Brummels, CEO and president.

“Prenexus Health has a mission to deliver improved health & wellness to individuals through prebiotics and this award serves as affirmation that we are on the right path in doing this,” he added. 

“AmpliVida XOS Prebiotic that will be selective in targeting the beneficial bacteria, well tolerated and easy to formulate in food & beverages as well as dietary supplements. Our prebiotic provides a unique combination of benefits that appeal to both consumers and industry,” he added.

Best Research

research winner_02

The ward for best research of the year went to the Seipel Group​, which conducted research on its finished product Urox, a botanical formula that address urinary incontinence among older consumers.  

The company, based in Newmarket, Australia, says the product’s patented formula works to strengthen and tone the muscles of bladder wall, pelvic floor and sphincter, as well as support healthy connective tissue in the surrounding area that allow the bladder to fill appropriately and empty effectively.  This is a unique mode of action in the marketplace, said company founder Tracey Seipel, ND.

“OAB and Urinary Incontinence are highly prevalent yet largely neglected, or not discussed, health issues that result in a dramatic reduction in quality of life . . . We have approached bladder control issues from the perspective of the holistic clinician substantiated by clinical research, and in the process, brought an extremely effective and safe, natural product to market,” ​Seipel said.

Seipel noted that bladder control issues are chronically underreported. They affect as many people as arthritis, she maintained, and are a leading cause of loss of independence and having to resort to nursing home care.

“Bladder control is not glamorous but we have approached the condition with respect and executed the research with rigor proving that a humble, natural herbal formula may be a solution for the many sufferers out there,” ​she added.

Personalized Nutrition

personalized nutrition_01

In the Personalized Nutrition category, the winner was SpoonGuru​. This company, based in London, offers a mobile app that helps consumers make real time dietary choices while they are shopping.

Founder Markus Stripf said the company’s app helps consumers improve their diets in an easy-to-use way. And it helps retailers and manufacturers access valuable metadata from those shoppers’ experiences.

I am hoping the judges saw the scale of the consumer need and recognized the vast commercial opportunity for technologies that address the demand for more accuracy, relevance and choice when it comes to finding the right foods for people's individual dietary requirements,” ​Stripf said.

“Consumers will have confidence in the quality of our service as it has been recognized by an esteemed judging panel. As far as the market place is concerned it will generate exposure for our company and hopefully also help educate potential partners about what technologies are now becoming readily available to help them provide better services and experiences to their customers,”​ he said.

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