New resveratrol-rich organic grapevine extract available in US

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New resveratrol-rich organic grapevine extract available in US

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French plant ingredient company Berkem has launched a grapevine extract said to be the first organic vine-based product standardized to be high in resveratrol.

Containing at least 10 per cent resveratrol and 15% resveratrol compounds, the extract is a 100% organic powder designed for food supplements, functional food and nutra-cosmetic products.

A Berkem spokesperson told that the grape vine extract’s health benefits included: “Antioxidant action, a positive impact on longevity, prevention of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, cardiovascular protection, prevention of obesity and diabetes, by appetite reduction, and the prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis​.”

Rich in Polyphenols

Wine-making provides a great source of vine-based renewable raw materials which are rich in polyphenols, according to the company. Resveratrol, a polyphenol belonging to the stilbene family, sometimes referred to as "the longevity molecule," holds particular promise, it believes.

The raw material for extracting the resveratrol is rigorously selected from organic farming grape varieties and is sustainable from French vineyards that are particularly rich in this type of polyphenol,”​ said a company statement. “With soft extractions, Berkem has succeeded in obtaining a final organic product with a resveratrol content that is as yet unsurpassed from this renewable raw material​.”

A Berkem spokesperson told that the US was a key market for the grape vine extract. “The US is the biggest market for nutraceutical ingredients. Obesity is a major problem in the USA so we could provide this country with our product in order to help to reduce this problem.

“USA and Europe markets may be also interested by oxidative stress reduction​ (or its) antioxidant effect. Oxidative stress is induced by free radicals excess linked to our modern way of life.”

Meanwhile resveratrol’s antioxidant effect arises from its ability to inhibit lipo-peroxidation, or the oxidative degradation of lipids, by scavenging free radicals.

Its claimed impact on longevity is linked to caloric restriction through the activation of a group of proteins known as sirtuines

Vascular tissue

Resveratrol’s inhibition of beta-amyloid polymerization is thought to prevent diseases such as Alzheimers while its protection of vascular tissue, such as collagen, elastin, is said to be responsible for its cardiovascular benefits.

Its effectiveness against osteoporosis is attributed to its stimulation of osteoblasts, the cells responsible for bone formation, and increasing bone mineralization.

Berkem, based in Gardonne, south-west France, has a processing capacity of more than 5,000 tons of plants each year. Exports account for half the company’s sales.

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