E-book explores treasured history of elderberry’s traditional uses

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A new book, available in electronic and hard copy form, may offer historical insights into the potential health benefits of the elder tree – its berries, flowers, stems, bark, roots and seeds.

The original Latin text was written by Dr Martin Blochwich in 1644. It was subsequently translated into English and German in 1655 and reprinted in 1677.

The handbook, reportedly conceived as a reference guide for medical practitioners who lived in the countryside or villages of Europe, was subsequently forgotten before staff at BerryPharma AG “recognised the historical importance of this early work and wanted to share the rare opportunity to experience life in the 1670’s through the eyes of a progressive medical practitioner”,​ said the company.

“This book should be prescribed reading for anyone wanting to submit a traditional remedy dossier,”​ said BerryPharma AG. “It is hoped that this book will also motivate others to bring old apothecary manuscripts and early medical books to the attention of the botanical industry. Such works provide a perspective for those developing traditional remedy dossiers and an appreciation for the labours of those who first discovered and publicised their findings.”

Table of contents

The book – one of the earliest medical text books to be printed for educational purposes - is divided into three sections. The first section of the book deals with botanical identification, the second provides information on elderberry recipes. The final section provides recommended treatments for many illnesses that would respond to the elder recipes.

The newly formed British Royal Society is said to have recommended Dr Blochwich’s book in 1677.

The revised edition will soon been available in hard cover and it is also available as an e-book. Subscribers to NutraIngredients can download a free copy of the e-book by visiting the website http://www.anatomia-sambuci.info​ and entering the code BP2010 until the 30th of July.

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