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Z-Trim, the all-natural, zero calorie fat replacement that reduces
calories and increases healthy insoluble fiber in a variety of
products does not alter the original recipe's taste, no matter what
food Z-trim is added to, claim the makers.

This was the verdict of a study conducted on thirty-six volunteers who were given cookies, meat loaf, salad dressing and ice cream. Recipes were prepared with a control (original recipe) and two variations, one with Z-Trim replacing 25 per cent of the fat, and the other with 50 per cent.

The tests was conducted at Eastern Illinois University as part of the Family and Consumer Sciences program and confirmed the results of previous taste tests at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Florida Fair in January and studies done in Dallas late last year, reports the firm.

Greg Halpern, Circle Group's CEO said: "Academic circles are beginning to validate what so many have already seen. Z-Trim can significantly reduce fat and calories in a wide variety of foods without changing the taste or texture that consumers prefer. "

The product, created by Fibergel Technologies is made from corn bran and cellulose and is designed to be used not as a fat 'substitute' but as a fat replacement. Z-trim, which has GRAS status, comes as a fine powder and can be used as either powder or gel. The gel is created from combining the powder with water.

A major advantage, say the makers, is its high fiber content which can aid digestion as long as it is eaten in normal quantities. "Z-Trim should not encounter the same kind of problems as have some other similar products, such as Simplesse and Olestra as the product is a natural fiber changed little during processing,"​ they say.

Mounting concerns over global weight and health issues have led major food manufacturers to take an increasing interest. Fibergel Technologies are already involved in a long-term agreement with Nestle which started earlier this year.

The studies were featured in articles in The Herald & Review and can be accessed at http://www.ztrim.com/articles/heraldreview.html​ andhttp://www.ztrim.com/articles/fatsubstitute.html

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