'Healthier' coffee with AFS patent

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Researchers at Applied Food Sciences have patented their coffee
roasting method, HealthyRoast, which boosts polyphenols levels in
brewed coffee. Antioxidant-enriched coffee could be available in
retailers next year.

Forget the caffeine boost, food scientists in the US that developed a new method to send the antioxidant content in brewed coffee soaring have now received a patent for the process.

Researchers from the US company Applied Food Sciences have come up with HealthyRoast, a coffee roasting method that boosts polyphenols - which mop up harmful free radicals - levels in brewed coffee. With the patent cleared, health conscious consumers could expect to see antioxidant enriched coffee on the supermarket shelves next year.

Essentially, the process involves pre-soaking green coffee beans - inherently rich in antioxidants - before roasting and then quenching the roasted beans with the liquid in which the coffee beans were first pre-soaked.

According to Applied Food Sciences, the taste remains the same. "Professional tasters, or 'cuppers', have commented that they can't taste a difference,"​ said Loretta Zapp, CEO of AFS.

The same company​ announced last month that its Green Coffee Antioxidant product derived from raw green coffee beans contains greater than 50 per cent pure chlorogenic acid - an enzyme involved in simple and complex carbohydrate metabolism.

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