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Attorney: “Ultimately, the court’s ruling suggests the government could mandate disclosure of any ‘fact’ that consumers express an interest in knowing about with respect to food products. This is a low bar.”

Attorney: This case could end up in the Supreme Court

What does the ruling in Vermont mean for GMO labeling?

By Elaine Watson

While opponents of Vermont’s GMO labeling Act 120 suffered a major setback this week after a federal judge rejected many of their arguments, some attorneys predict the case could ultimately end up in the Supreme Court to settle a long-running debate over...

Justice Kennedy: 'Don't make me feel bad because I thought that this was pomegranate juice'

POM v Coke at the Supreme Court: Who came out on top?

By Elaine WATSON

POM Wonderful and Coca-Cola both got a grilling at the Supreme Court on Monday as they traded blows in a false advertising case, but while the justices seemed to give Coke a tougher time, this doesn’t necessarily mean POM is going to emerge victorious,...

Sabinsa receives payment for ForsLean TM infringement

Sabinsa receives payment for ForsLean TM infringement


The three year intellectual property battle between Sabinsa Corporation and Creative Compounds has finally ended, with Sabinsa receiving nearly $150,000 in disgorged profits from Creative Compounds.


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