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Market report shows growing trend toward integrative medicine

By Hank Schultz

A new market survey from consultancy Pure Branding claims that more and more doctors are incorporating concepts of integrative medicine into their practices, a development that can be seen as good news for the supplement industry.

Customized nutrition driving growth in healthcare practitioner channel

Customized nutrition driving growth in healthcare practitioner channel

By Stephen Daniells

Consumer demand for personalized nutrition, and the response of healthcare practitioners to the potential for more holistic approaches to patient care and  potential additional revenue streams are driving growth in this market channel, says a leading...

Dr Low Dog: Focus on the evidence

Dispatches from the UNPA 20th anniversary celebration, Salt Lake City

Is it time to move beyond conventional ‘vs’ natural medicine?

By Elaine Watson

While many doctors remain suspicious of ‘natural’ medicine, a growing number now accept that there are compelling alternatives to leading drugs that are supported by just as much scientific evidence, without the nasty side effects, says one leading player...


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