Lactobacillus Reuteri

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Gut-bone axis: Daily probiotic may boost bone health for older women

By Stephen Daniells

Long-term supplementation with a specific probiotic strain may improve gut health and lower inflammation in elderly women with low bone mineral density, says a new study. The data suggests this may lead to beneficial effects on bone metabolism.

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Host genetics, gut microbiota play role in MS severity: Mouse study

By Danielle Masterson

Scientists have found that the state of the gut microbiome is often altered in those with chronic conditions, which has further spurred the popularity of probiotics to restore the gut microbiome. However, researchers from the University of Vermont (UVM)...

L. reuteri,

Cry baby blues: L reuteri probiotic not backed for Colic


A study involving 167 breastfed and probiotic formula fed ‘excessive crying’ infants has found no benefits for the formula-fed ones, even though other studies showed probiotics could reduce the malady.


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