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Prebiotics improve glucose homeostasis: Study

By Danielle Masterson

The gut-brain axis plays a key role in the regulation of sugar in the blood. However, those with diabetes experience significantly higher sugar levels because the condition causes the regulation process to malfunction.

Professor Brewer: Athletes must think about nutrition seven days a week not just on ‘game days’

Food Vision sneak peeks - Cannes, March 18-20

Ex-World Cup sports scientist: Best carb-protein blend is 3:1


Protein was once thought necessary to fuel sporting activity but evolving research has shown it is better for muscle recovery and short chain carbohydrates (sugars) are the accepted fuel tools. And then there are blends of the two…plus the carb and protein...

Sugardown's mode of action inhibits intestinal enzymes that free up glucose for ingested carbohydrates.

Boston Therapeutics launches blood sugar management supplement

By Hank Schultz

Boston Therapeutics (BTI) has entered the full commercialization phase of its Sugardown dietary supplement aimed at the healthy blood sugar management market.  The company is collaborating on the launch with Benchworks, a Maryland-based marketing firm.

‘Water apple’ extract may provide dietary support for diabetes

‘Water apple’ extract may provide dietary support for diabetes

By Nathan Gray

Extracts of a Malaysian medicinal plant known locally as the ‘water jambu’ or ‘water apple’ could provide bioactive compounds that help to support people suffering from diabetes by reducing lowering blood sugar levels, suggest researchers.

Reformulating for weight management success: Panel Discussion

Reformulating for weight management success: Panel Discussion

As the world takes a long, hard look at waistlines and decides to do something about them, the food and beverage industry is under pressure to slash the fat and sugar content in products, and provide accessible information about what’s in a pack. This...


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