Genetically Modified Organism

Parry grows its organic spirulina in a pristine portion of southern India, in Tamil Nadu state.  Parry Nutraceuticals photo.

Valensa gets 'raw' certification on organic spirulina

By Hank Schultz

Algae ingredient supplier Parry Nutraceuticals has initiated what it believes will be a more meaningful level of certification for its spirulina products with new ‘Certified Clean’ and ‘Certified Raw’ marks.

Mahni Ghorashi: 'GMO labeling legisation aside, we’re seeing a trend of more transparency rather than less transparency, and this means more testing...'

New NGS DNA testing methods will replace PCR, predicts Clear Labs

Are ‘GMO-free’ (as opposed to ‘non-GMO’) claims legally defensible?

By Elaine Watson

As the Non-GMO Project states on its website, ‘GMO-free’ claims are “not legally or scientifically defensible due to limitations of testing methodology" coupled with cross-contamination risks. In future, however, that could change as testing methods...

Source: iStock

Too close to call: How do consumers really feel about GMOs?

By Elizabeth Crawford

The controversy surrounding genetic engineering may feel deafening at times with each side prolifically and loudly debating its pros and cons, but the vast majority of consumers remain unfamiliar GMOs and unclear if they pose a risk, according to a recent...

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Can “green” claims turn the GMO debate around in 2016, analysts ask

By Elizabeth Crawford

Growing consumer concern about food waste and the environmental impact of food production could be a “conversation starter” for food manufacturers to shift consumers’ focus on genetically modified organisms away from the perceived negative impact to the...


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