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Picture: Community Food Co-op, Montana

Maine House backs GMO labeling bill

By Elaine WATSON

The campaign for mandatory GMO labeling gained a further boost this week as the Maine House of Representatives voted 141-4 in favor of LD 718, a bill that would require foods made with ingredients from biotech crops to carry the label ‘Produced with Genetic...

GM: A healthy debate

Weekly comment

GM: A healthy debate

The development of genetically modified crops to improve human
health could be the golden ticket for advocates to persuade the
wary public that GM is not a wholly nefarious idea after all. But
will a new, healthy spin be enough to...

US takes the biscuit...

US takes the biscuit...

Confirming reports from the European Commission yesterday that the
European consumer is sceptical about food-related biotechnologies,
are the findings of a joint UK-US study into GE biscuits.
Researchers found European shoppers to...


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