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New research unit will help Nestlé quest for health claims gold

Nestlé centralises all clinical research in new centre

New research unit will help Nestlé quest for health claims gold

By Nathan Gray from Lausanne, Switzerland

Nestlé is now  'better armed' to gun for EFSA approved health claims approvals, after the company centralised its clinical research efforts at a new unit in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Werner Bauer says good scientific data is 'essential' for communication ... and to substantiate health claims.

Nestlé Clinical Development Unit inauguration

Nestlé centralises clinical research in new centre

By Nathan Gray in Lausanne, Switzerland

Nestlé will centralise the development and management of all of its clinical trials, after the inauguration of its new clinical development unit and metabolic research centre in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Dr de Felice:

The father of nutraceuticals: “The placebo effect is real”

By Shane Starling

Veteran researcher Dr Stephen de Felice invented the term ‘nutraceutical’ in 1989 and ever since he has been imploring the sector to design and conduct better human clinical trials to back the medicinal potential of bodily nutritional interventions.

CSIR has pooled research about hoodia while the San people have attacked a damning study that prompted Unilever to drop its €20m hoodia project

Kalahari tribe throws weight at Unilever over hoodia rejection

By Shane Starling

South Africa’s San people say food giant Unilever was working off inaccurate research data when it decided to bin a €20m investment in hoodia gordonii, the Kalahari cactus the San have used for centuries to curb hunger pangs.

Industry likes what it sees in the latest NCCAM five-year plan

Industry welcomes NCCAM five-year plan

By Shane Starling

Industry is singing the praises of a “pragmatic” National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) five-year plan that it says has responded to its concerns, along with those of consumers and academics, about CAM science and its translation...

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