“Consumers understand that chocolate can be good for them, but they may not understand the full mechanisms or research behind these benefits,” said Barry Callebaut's R&D group manager US Alan Slesinksi.

Special Edition: Polyphenols

Callebaut: More specific cocoa flavanol content claims will increase

By Maggie Hennessy

Despite the growing body of research extolling the health benefits of flavanols found in cocoa, chocolate product manufacturers have yet to fully embrace front-of-pack claims calling out these compounds—with many still opting for more general “antioxidant”...

Could white chocolate compounds also benefit heart health?

Could white chocolate compounds also benefit heart health?

The potential heart health benefits of dark chocolate may be only partly linked to the flavanol content, with white chocolate - devoid of such compounds - also offering potential cardiovascular benefits, says a new study. 

Cocoa supplement market close to breakthrough

Cocoa supplement market close to breakthrough

By Hank Schultz

Positive science results are helping cocoa flavonols make progress in the market, and resolving issues around supply, around sustainability, and even around basic analytical methods could open the field of opportunity even wider, experts say.

It's cocoa, not chocolate.

Mars: Cocoa flavanols show prebiotic potential

By Stephen Daniells

Flavanol compounds derived from cocoa may boost the populations of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, says a new study from Mars and the University of Reading.

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