Bitter Orange

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Bitter Orange Extract: Still safe, researcher reasserts in new review

By Adi Menayang

Thirteen years have passed since the FDA banned ephedrine. Ever since, bitter orange extract, which has an active compound structurally similar to ephedrine (p-synephrine) has been under scrutiny. A new scientific review looks at the most recent clinical...

Bitter orange and caffeine combo may be unsafe, says BfR

Bitter orange and caffeine combo may be unsafe, says BfR

By Nathan Gray

Sports supplements and weight loss products that contain a combination of caffeine and synephrine from bitter orange may not comply with current regulations and could be classified as unsafe, warns the BfR.

An 8oz glass of Californian mandarin orange juice may contain up to 35 mg of p-synephrine (USDA). A sweet orange typically contains 6 mg p-synephrine.

Health Canada eases guidelines on p-synephrine from bitter orange

By Stephen Daniells

Guidelines for us of p-synephrine, the predominant alkaloid in bitter orange, has been redefined by Health Canada, with 1 to 50 mg per day of the compound now classified as not ‘likely to cause any adverse health consequences’.

FDA data supports bitter orange safety

FDA data supports bitter orange safety

By Stephen Daniells

High doses of bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) are not toxic to mothers or their babies, according to a new toxicology study with rats from FDA that adds to the ingredient’s safety profile.


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