Vitamin D

Mommi provides solution to prenatal vitamin pill fatigue

Mommi provides solution to prenatal vitamin pill fatigue

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Pill fatigue is a growing battle throughout the supplements category as manufacturers experiment with different delivery formats. But the prenatal vitamin space targeting expectant mothers has been slow to innovate in this area, according to prenatal...

Dietary supplements are not eliglble for purchase using government benefits like SNAP, but trade groups have advocated for their eligibility as a measure to close the micronutrient gaps in low-income US households. Getty Images / jetcityimage

Notes from Nutrition 2018 in Boston

Does the micronutrient disparity in the US deserve more attention?

By Adi Menayang

From a list of about a dozen shortfall nutrients, US government health agencies recognize only a handful as a public health concern. Some researchers and trade groups argue that this shouldn’t be the case.

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