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What will nutrition & health look like in 2067?

By Dr Mark Miller, principal of Kaiviti Consulting, LLC

This is a projection of what nutritional health will look like 50 years from now in 2067. It does make ridiculously excessive speculations but the intent is to encourage conversation, dreaming, creativity & exchange. I hope you join in.

Research sheds light on nature of ancient microbiome

Research sheds light on nature of ancient microbiome

By Hank Schultz

Is there a goal to shoot for when trying to alter consumers’ microbiomes?  Researcher Jeff Leach is trying to answer that question with work he is doing among hunter gather groups in Africa.

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Dispatches from Experimental Biology 2017

Study unlocks how genes may affect dietary preferences

By Stephen Daniells

Genes involved in behavioral and psychological traits appear to drive a significant part of someone’s food preferences and dietary habits, says a new study from Spain.

DNAFit: 'We report on 45-50 of the most researched gene variants that have a link to exercise or nutrition response.'

Food Vision preview: London, 1-3 March 2017

Personalised sports nutrition gains another player


At Food Vision in London on March 1-3 ex-Olympian Andrew Steele will explain why he is so excited about applying genetics to dramatically improve the nutrition and performance of sportspeople.

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What’s on NutraIngredients-USA's 2017 Editorial Calendar?

By Stephen Daniells

From immune support to deep dives into sports nutrition, personalized nutrition, botanicals, omega-3s, probiotics, pet supplements, and more, Nutraingredients-USA’s 2017 editorial calendar of special editions spans the hottest trends in the industry.

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