Wacker Chemicals Corporation

Wacker Chemie

WACKER offers tailored and innovative solutions and products for the functional food and nutraceutical industry. For example molecular encapsulation solutions for odor or taste masking, to stabilize sensitive ingredients or to increase the bioavailability of certain ingredients, like curcumin. Our CAVAMAX® W8 curcumin is a highly bioavailable curcumin product for dietary supplement applications. Recent clinical studies showed that CAVAMAX® W8 curcumin increased the relative bioavailability of all curcuminoids in comparison to unformulated curcumin extract up to forty-five times.

WACKER offers also a soluble dietary that is scientifically proven to significantly reduce the post-prandial glycaemic response. This fiber CAVAMAX® W6 is a naturally occurring oligosaccharide derived from starch. WACKER also produces a high-quality range of non-human, non-animal derived L-cysteine products. Starting from raw materials of vegetable origin and inorganic trace elements, these products are manufactured by our patented fermentation process and therefore are approved for the use in vegetarian, kosher and halal foods.

WACKER’s team of experts and local specialists focus on market needs and support our customers worldwide in developing new products. With a 16,300-strong workforce, 24 production sites in Europe, Americas and Asia, and over 100 subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide, we have established a strong presence in all key economic regions and growth markets.