Vital Solutions

Vital Solutions GmbH

Vital Solutions is an innovative and fast growing company specialized in the development and marketing of natural ingredients to be used in dietary supplements, functional foods, foods and cosmetics.

Vital Solutions has over 30 years experience and extensive market knowledge in the natural ingredients business focusing on innovative condition specific ingredients which serve consumer demands for promoting health and help to reduce health care costs.
Vital Solutions combines all key competencies necessary to turn product ideas into ready-to-use ingredients to support profitable consumer market products.

The Swiss Innovation Laboratory by Vital Solutions Swiss leverages technologies such as bioassays and phytochemical analysis enabling the research and development of proprietary science-based health ingredients.

Vital Solutions offers a range of natural health ingredients:

Benegut®          – for digestive health  

Bluenesse™       – for mental performance

Evenise™           – for even skin

Recoverben®     – for motivation to exercise and quick recovery

In addition the company has established a unique position by assembling a top-class product pipeline containing 7 leads for future application in key health promotion areas.
Bluenesse™ is the company’s latest IP protected innovation with beneficial effects on cognitive performance. A next generation lemon balm extract with guaranteed efficacy -
bridging the gap between innovative technologies and a traditional European herb.

The Swiss Innovation Laboratory provides world class phytochemical and biological expertise and solutions for new product development to customer.

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