Valensa International


Valensa International is a leading science-based extractor, formulator and innovator of high quality sustainable ingredients used in nutraceutical supplements, functional foods, and human and pet nutrition.

The company provides products that are innovative, intellectual property-protected, cutting-edge formulations in the natural products market space to companies with established or emerging brand names and business. Valensa’s Technology platforms include proprietary extraction, formulation, delivery/biofunctionality, and our patented O2B Peroxidation Blocker® product stabilization package.

Key botanical extracts, produced at our Deep ExtractTM Supercritical CO2 extraction facility located in Eustis, Florida, include the patented Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin Complex and USPlus® Saw Palmetto Prostate Health formula, Deep Ocean Krill™ Omega-3 + Astaxanthin Krill Oil, Omega Joe ALA™ Perilla Seed Extract, and Tresalbio® Vegetarian Chia-based Omega-3 oils.

Through our partnership with Parry Nutraceuticals, Valensa offers a full range of Carotenoids including Parry Tomato Lycopene, XanMax® Lutein & Trans-Zeaxanthin & Natural Mixed Carotenoids. The company also offers two unique Superfoods - Parry Organic Spirulina (USP Verified & GRAS affirmed) and Phycocyanin and ChiaMAX™.

In addition to our condition-specific formulations for Eye Health (Eye Pro MD™) and Joint Health (Flex Pro™ formulations), we also offer Deep Ocean Krill™ – a unique source of phospholipid-based Omega-3 and Astaxanthin for Cardiovascular Health.

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