The prebiotic category continues to grow alongside emerging research, product launches and consumer acceptance. Solnul™ is here to raise the bar in the prebiotic market with a multi-functional RS2 ingredient for dietary supplement and functional food and beverage.

Solnul™ is an ancestral prebiotic ingredient that selectively feeds the native beneficial bacteria that support optimal digestion and GI health.
Backed by a body of clinical and scientific research, Solnul™ demonstrating improvements in GI health and microbial balance, prebiotic benefits like increases in Bifidobacterium​, IBS related symptoms and regularity and healthy aging – all at low doses. It has several substantiated structure/function claims brands can utilize to capture the growing demand for digestive health products.

By partnering with Solnul™, you’ll gain access to human microbiome research, patent portfolio, industry insights and exclusive claims for dietary supplement and functional food and beverage applications.

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