Quintessence Nutraceuticals

Quintessence Nutraceuticals

Quintessence Nutraceuticals is a B2B ingredient company ​that, with patented technology, extracts bioactive phytonutrient content embodied in cereal grains like rice to produce NutraIso: a proprietary, nutrient-dense ingredient. Through enzyme hydrolyzation, NutraIso achieves maximum bioavailability and bioactivity for use in functional foods and consumer wellness applications for: Prenatal, Infant and Maternal Nutrition; Prediabetic and Diabetic Management, Geriatric Health; and Enhanced Fortification.

This enzymatically hydrolyzed bioactive extract from rice bran serves a wide variety of applications by adding bioavailable nutritional and nutraceutical values to functional foods and serves as a base for naturally addressing numerous chronic health conditions, including insulin resistance in pre-insulin-dependent diabetics, remediating chronic malnutrition in infants, and as a dietary supplement for seniors impacted by nutrition deficiencies that occur in the normal course of aging. The same attributes that make NutraIso beneficial to these populations also make it an ideal ingredient for the fortification of functional foods and beverages seeking to incorporate nutrient-dense properties and in-demand label claims.

We focus on creating scientifically supported products that will make a real difference in the health and wellbeing of individuals with pre-disease health conditions​.

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