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Incorporated in the year of 2000, as one of the major pioneer of Grape Seed Extract manufacturer and exporter in China, NewCovery Biotech Co.,Ltd has now evolved into almost the largest manufacturer of Grape Seed/Skin Extract in China. Our blockbuster products include Grape Seed Extract of Proanthocyanidins 95%, Grape Seed Extract of Polyphenols 85% and Grape Skin Extract of Anthocyanin 25%, these products are extracted with developed and stable processes on the basis of long-term acceptance and satisfaction by our customers all over the planet. And we also engage in research, development and production of other marvelous natural ingredients such as Flax Seed Extract(SDG Lignan), Broccoli Seed Extract(Sulforaphane) etc.

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FlaxVigor™ Golden FlaxSeed Extract

Newcovery Biotech Co.,Ltd | 19-Jun-2007 | Product Presentation

FlaxVigor™ Golden FlaxSeed Extract NewCovery Biotech Co.,Ltd is the leading Chinese pioneer of Grape Seed Extract manufacturer and exporter, dedicating...