Milsing d.o.o.


Milsing is a leading private company on the OTC drug and food supplement market in Southeast Europe.​ Our basic aims are caring for health and ongoing improvement of life quality by offering top-quality pharmaceutical products at prices affordable to everyone. We develop, distribute and market over 10 brands and over 150 products in over 10 European countries. In past couple of years we have launched new and innovative products: Turbolax®​ for relieving constipation and restoring regularity, Nutrico diet® ​No1 solutionfor weight loss,  Lectranal® ​allergy relief food supplement, Biorela®​ for fast and effective restoration of the intestinal microflora and L direct®​ powerful and quick help in boosting potency.

In addition to our own brands and products, we are an exclusive distributor to several world-renowned brands. Our business is characterized by our commitment, creativity, ability and experience in developing and marketing a wide range of OTC products on different markets.

Registered office: Zagreb, Croatia

Wide international presence.

Our constantly improving business performance is a result of motivated and passionate efforts of our experts from different fields and our ongoing investments in research and development.