Metabolon, Inc.

Metabolon, Inc.

Small molecule metabolites are sensitive indicators of phenotypic changes. Profiling these molecules with Metabolomics provides a “snapshot” of the biochemical changes that result from nutrient or ingredient exposure.

Metabolomics can help decode the complex interactions of dietary ingredients with the body and accelerate ingredient research and product development. It is useful for a variety of applications including pharmacokinetic analysis, biomarker discovery, product characterization, and demonstrating efficacy and safety. 

Metabolon, Inc., a world leader in the field of metabolomics, is uniquely suited to explore bioactive components and understand the complex relationship between nutrition and metabolism.  Metabolon’s proprietary metabolomics and lipidomics platforms allow for the rapid identification, validation and measurement of most biochemicals in nearly any sample type.  Our Ph.D. level study directors provide both study design assistance and interpretation of complex metabolomics data sets to elucidate the relationship between food components, metabolism and health benefits.

Metabolon has completed 4000+ client studies and contributed 400+ publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  We offer scalable services ranging from discovery metabolomics profiling to focused panels and targeted assays, and all of our platforms are powered by our proprietary screening software and an extensive biochemical library of 14,000+ known and novel metabolites.