MTC Industries



MTC (Molecular Technology Corporation) Industries, Inc. is a science & technology based company established in 1994. We are focusing on the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of diverse synthetic & natural ingredients for human health and well being.

The ingredients include cancer treatments, joint, brain, skin, heart, energy & muscle enhancements, and weight loss control active ingredients.The ingredients are used for the food, beverage, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical, & pet food industries. Our company niche is manufacturing new ingredients at the fastest speed and to the highest quality available at any cost. We are committed to providing world-class ingredients at competitive prices.

MTC has two divisions, a US division, which is the sales and distribution center located in Long Island, NY with a 15000sq ft. office, Lab and warehouse, and a Chinese division that is the research, development and manufacturing component located in Nantong city. Our brand new state of the art cGMP facility is on 70 acres of environmentally sound property in a high-tech industrial park, which overlooks the port of Nantong where all our products are shipped worldwide. The company prides itself on a well-trained staff and managing team.
This facility not only gives us a competitive advantage in our manufacturing, it also allows us the capability to conduct R&D for new products and assurance of product quality. In addition to the Nantong factory, our company operates a sales/marketing center in Shanghai, China. We have the manufacturing capacity from the gram to multi-ton scale.