House Wellness Foods Corporation

House Wellness Foods Corporation

“House Wellness Foods” which is involved in the health food business, was established in 2006 as a group company of House Foods Corp., taking over the whole business of Takeda Food Products Ltd., which had been operated as a food division of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited since 1957.

Based on our accumulated knowledge and techniques concerning food and health, such as the development of rice that is fortified with vitamins/minerals and drinks that provide supplemental vitamins, we have been developing a wide range of products that will benefit your health. For many years, we have also been conducting research on immune functions, which play an important role in maintaining our health. 

We have an immunobiotic ingredient “Immuno-LP20” for functional food market.

Immuno-LP20 is a heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum strain L-137 (HK L-137) product.

Immuno-LP20, consisting of HK L-137(20%) and dextrin from tapioca origin (80%), is light brown powder free of unfavorable organoleptic properties, such as off-taste and off-flavor.

Product Benefits

>Safety                 The safety of this ingredient is well proven. In the U.S., We obtained “Self-                                     Affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)" and the formal notification                                  of "New Dietary Ingredient (NDI)” to the U.S.

>Efficacy               HK L-137 shows high immune-enhancing activity such as anti-allergic                                           effects, anti-cancer effects, anti-viral effects. It enhances the body’s natural                               defenses to protect against a wide range of pathogenic microbes, tumor                                       cells, viruses, allergen, etc. 

>Easy Application   Immuno-LP20 is already being used in health foods, including supplements,                                  powdered drinks and in other applications.

>Shelf life              5 years (Room temperature)

>Dosage                50 mg/day