GTC Nutrition

GTC Nutrition

Founded in 1988, GTC Nutrition is a recognized leader in providing customized nutrition solutions to the food, beverage, supplement and animal feed and food industries. Our portfolio of innovative ingredient solutions along with our in-house scientific, marketing and technical expertise brings healthy ideas and products to life. Both national and international business is managed from our office in Golden, Colorado.

In April 2004, GTC Nutrition joined forces with Westchester, Illinois-based Corn Products International, Inc. (NYSE: CPO), one of the world's largest corn refiners and suppliers of sweeteners and starches. Today, the GTC Nutrition team is counted among Corn Products more than 6,000 seasoned employees, and is a part of the Company's global network.

Portfolio of Ingredient Solutions

GTC Nutrition offers a portfolio of innovative ingredients that support bone, digestive, glycemic, heart and immune health platforms, which are most important to today's health-conscious manufacturers and consumers:

  • NutraFlora® short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS®) prebiotic fiber provides unique benefits in support of bone, immune and digestive health
  • Aquamin® natural calcified mineral source supports bone health
  • BioAgave™ agave active fiber provides benefits for digestive health
  • OatVantage™ oat bran concentrate supports heart and glycemic health
  • FortiFeed® (scFOS®) for animal applications offers support for bone, immune and digestive health

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