GC Rieber Oils


GC Rieber Oils has been a leading supplier of refined fish oils since 1965. The company is headquartered in Kristiansund on the north-west coast of Norway, a central base for the Scandinavian marine industry.

With a long history of sourcing crude fish oils for production, and with partnerships in North Africa and close relations in South America, Alaska and Norway, the company has the best access to the largest sources of crude fish oil in the world. This makes GC Rieber Oils a reliable supply partner.

GC Rieber Oils has recently invested in a new omega-3 concentrate factory which can refine exclusive concentrates of marine omega-3.  Our standard VivoMega concentrates fall between 60% - 70% total omega-3, covering a range of popular EPA/DHA ratios. However, we specialize in making omega-3 concentrates in the triglyceride form containing high levels of DHA, including our 90% total omega-3 concentrate 70 DHA Ultra (650 mg/g DHA), which represents the top of our range.

GC Rieber Oils’ modern refining technologies guarantee a consistent, high quality product, with state-of-the-art cleaning technologies remove or reduce environmental pollutants, cholesterol and oxidation products according to specification. We utilize proprietary enzymatic processes in combination with specially developed methods to purify the final products.

The company is fully approved under ISO 9001 with HACCP certification, with sales offices in Australia and USA, providing local support and service for our customers worldwide.