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Frutarom Health

Years of experience have made Frutarom Health one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality health ingredients. Everything we do is backed by science and supported with the evidence that markets and regulators demand.

As a company that puts science first, we undertake proprietary studies to continually improve the efficacy and safety of our ingredients, and to drive innovation. For example, our one-of-a-kind EFLA® ​HyperPure process technology was born from our determination to ensure we produce ingredients with the highest possible levels of purity.

With our regulatory knowhow, comprehensive market knowledge and global capabilities we can offer you high quality application and formulation support. This helps you – our customer – gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic health landscape.

Frutarom Health is now part of IFF.

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Frutarom Netherlands BV-Promotional feature-Protect your heart with Benolea-Food-January-2019

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Protect your heart with Benolea

High blood pressure continues to plague America, especially as life expectancy and aging of the general population continues to increase. A new statistic estimated 103 million, or about half, of U.S. adults to have high blood pressure

Frutarom Health-PF-Food-2018-AB-Fortis: Iron benefits without the hassle

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AB-Fortis: Iron benefits without the hassle

Iron is key for our metabolism but its deficiency is widespread. Supplementation with iron is a way to address this but finding the most suitable way to do it is a real challenge. Now we have the solution!