Embria Health Sciences



Embria Health Sciences believes the potential synergy between science and nature is limitless. Every day they actively pursue effective, innovative, meaningful health solutions derived from nature. Embria is dedicated to bringing high-quality, well-researched, science-driven ingredients to the global human nutrition market.



Embria's key products are manufactured using MetaGen4™, a proprietary fermentation and drying technology. Based on a multi-stage process used by Embria's parent company for more than 60 years, this process produces vital metabolites that deliver nutritional benefits and assist with bioavailability.



EpiCor® is an all-natural, high-metabolite immunogen designed to modulate and balance the human immune system. This dried, complex fermentation product is derived from a proprietary process consisting of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the medium on which it is grown. EpiCor received self-affirmed GRAS status in May 2006 from an expert panel comprised of members with extensive Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Institute of Health (NIH) experience. A recent study in Nutrition Research Journal found EpiCor to possess significant anti-inflammatory activity. Other clinical studies have also found EpiCor to increase salivary IgA (a first line of defense) and increase the activity of Natural Killer (NK) cells, making them more efficient. Research on EpiCor has been presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Conference and the American College of Nutrition (ACN) Symposium.



eXselen®, Embria's branded ingredient that is a highly bioavailable organic selenium yeast, is backed by 15 years of research and guarantees consistently high levels of selenomethionine.