ET Horn Company

ET Horn Company

 The E.T. Horn Company​ was founded in 1961 by E.T. "Jack" Horn as a distributor of raw materials and chemicals for use in coatings, building materials, elastomers, lubrication, nutrition, personal care, and food products. 

 The company is focused on providing formulation solutions, superior customer service and technical expertise in distributing products from the finest manufacturers.

 During the early seventies, a philosophy and practice of partnering with suppliers became the cornerstone of a successful E.T. Horn​ strategy. This pioneering concept has now become standard practice throughout the industry.

Nutri Granulations​ is a privately held division of the employee-owned E.T. Horn Company​, and was created in August 1998 to address the need for a west coast manufacturer of California Proposition 65-compliant granulated calcium carbonate. Nutri Granulations​ is a CGMP / OTC facility that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to produce consistent, high-quality granulated calcium carbonate, as well as custom granulations.

 In 2003, E.T. Horn​ was reorganized into distinct five product groups plus a marketing group, in order to achieve a tighter focus on each customer industry group served by the company.

 Since its reorganization the Nutraceutical Division of E.T. Horn​ has expanded its product lines to include innovative, science-based dietary supplement raw materials that bring unique, heavily researched ingredients to the dietary supplement industry.

 In the spirit of the company's mission, E.T. Horn​ has introduced six new products in 2004 and will continue to launch unique, exciting ingredients in 2005 and beyond.